divx web player

PC:download DivX Web Player for PC
MAC:download DivX Web Player for Mac
*download from divxtoolkit.intercode.ca
PC:DivX Web Player 1.4.2 for PC
MAC:DivX Web Player 1.4 for Mac
*download from divx.com

The (newer) DIVX web player 2.0 does not work when trying to play megaupload or 2shared links. That is why to be able to enjoy the content of many movie websites, you must NOT have the version 2.0

The (even newer) DIVX web player 2.1 finally works again with megaupload and 2shared hourray! Sadly according to my experience on a few different computers, after using the DIVX web player 2.1 for a few days, something appears to go wrong with it where everytime you try to play some DIVX content in the browser, it freezes the browser and you have to restart it, making it impossible for me to do anything good with the DIVX web player 2.1 past these few first days. That is why for now I still strongly recommend the versions 1.4 or 1.5 offered here.

ac3 sound filter

PC:download AC3Filter 1.45b for PC
MAC:I think for MAC you need to install Perian, Please let us know if you have more information.

Many DIVX videos require that you have the ac3 sound filter installed for the sound to work. do not forget to restart your computer after installing the AC3 sound filter.


How do i uninstall DIVX?

On windows XP go to "Control Panel", "Add/Remove Programs" and uninstall all the things with a name starting with "divx".

On windows Vista go to "Control Panel", "Programs and Features" and uninstall all the things with a name starting with "divx".

The uninstallation of DIVX does not complete, what can i do?

I have had this problem personally when trying to uninstall the DIVX web player 2.1. To be able to complete the uninstallation (so i could reinstall that older version..) i had to stop some "services" related to the new DIVX in windows. Click start and execute "msconfig" to see the list of your running services, spot the ones that have "divx" in their names, turn them off and restart the computer, you should then be able to uninstall the DIVX web player.

I have just installed the DIVX player but the browser still tells me that the plugin is missing.

You need to restart your browser after the installation.

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